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  2. GANIH AMIL says:

    MASHA allah…its a very distinguished nasiha..of a abdelrahman murphy…i really like dis lectures..we hope more longer to spread out our muslim religion..insha allah

  3. Assalam-aylkum Warahmatullah…..I do not understand why do we need Facebook in the first place. We do want to show up what we did or whatever! As a Muslim we have the rights of 40 neighbours/houses around us at least according to Sunnah of Rasoolallah SAW. And the present situation is that we even do not know who lives next to us! And then we talked about people far away and above that this facebook was also a tool for drawing the picture of Rasoolullah SAW. Can we not live and spread Islam without facebook? CAn we not just be practising muslims and everyone around us will know Islam. More 1.5 billion muslims but no where in the world have any say in any international affairs. Shame on us because we muslims have made this religion ineffective by not practising to its real spirit!

    • Karen says:

      Yes, but, 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, yet none that I know of are where I live. Not in the nearest 40, or hundred, or two hundred houses around me. Had it not been through connection with Muslims I met on-line, masha’Allah, perhaps I might not have been encouraged to read more about Islam, first on the Internet, then books, and the Quran. The nearest Mosque is 150 miles from me — which I was able to find through an on-line search engine.

      And now, alhamdullilah, at least I know of one Muslim where I live — which is my self.

      The point is, what you say has much truth to it. Yet also, AbdelRahman is in at least part saying, the internet in general and Facebook specific are tools. Like any tool, they can be used wisely, or otherwise. And that is our choice. Inshallah may we make the wise choices.

  4. Sarah S says:

    hello!, First time poster and excited to be a part of the group

  5. - says:

    Summary: Be careful with facebook because
    1) It enables people to be fake, to make a false image of themselves
    2) Bullying has become a serious problem due to it
    3) It can be a huge waste of time and has been addictive in certain cases

  6. muslimah says:

    another harm oof facebook that we have to be careful of is the tendency to start prying into other peoples life, as prying is prohibited in surah hujurat

  7. duaago says:

    AssalamuAlaikum, As long as we are careful of our time and responsibility and not
    devoting too much time on FB I think it is a good tool. It is easy to get in touch
    w/family and friends overseas and other states. If our intentions are pure and we use
    this tool appropriately than I think no harm in utilizing it. We aman Allah, duaago

  8. uzma says:

    Assalamalaikum,brother.Jazakallah khair.A very informative speech.

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