From the Root to the Fruit

Khalid Yasin

Question and answer session:

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  1. Diyana Abdullah says:

    Allahu Akbar, Shaykh Khalid Yasin is such a bold and sincere Muslim. So much of audacity in his speech!!!!, such crucial informations to uphold our deen. May Allah us ameen.

  2. Ala-Addin Nabulsi says:

    jazzakum Allah khair brothers 🙂
    ..about what Sheikh Khalid has said, with regard to the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) dreaming of Belal bin Rabah; the Sheikh here mixed up between two occasions..

    -the first was when the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)had a dream where he heard Belal’s footsteps in Paradise, he asked Belal(not their exact words)
    “oh Belal, what is it that you do(or are doing)?..for I heard the sound of your footsteps in Paradise.”
    Belal replied “every time I loose my wudu, I would perform wudu again..and every time I would perform wudu, I would pray a few rakaas to Allah.”

    -the other occasion: the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) was sitting with his companions in the masjid one time and he told them “now a man will enter here whom is of the people of Paradise. so the companions stared at the entrance to see who it was that the Prophet(peace be upon him) was talking about.
    A man entered -his name wasn’t mentioned in the hadith- the masjid, and one of the companions sitting there -I don’t recall his name- wanted to know what this man was doing so that he has guaranteed Paradise. So the companion went to him and told him that he had fought with his father and swore to not talk to him for 3 days, and he asked if he can stay with him for that time.
    the man welcomed him in his house and he spent 3 days there. the companion watched him, trying to see what is this great deed that this man is doing..but he was surprised when he saw that this man lived a very normal life. he did the basics that were asked of him as a Muslim, and nothing more. so before the companion left, he told the man what the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) had told the companions 3 days earlier, then he said ” I heard this, so I wanted to know what it is you do differently..but I haven’t found anything different about you.”
    the man told him “it is as you saw” and as the companion started to leave, the man said
    “…except that every night, when I go to sleep. I have to hatred toward any other Muslim”

    I felt compelled to clarify that.

  3. Dr Zainal Abdol Samad says:

    never mind abot the zalim as committed by the kfar, the mnafik and the fasik onto the mslims worlwide as we shall stand firm behind mslims leaders like Khalid Yasin and the like to spport the revival of mslim mmah at once for the sake of Allah SWT!

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