Muslim Youth

Hamza Yusuf

4 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – Muslim Youth ”

  1. UUMRAMI says:

    I love these lectures! Jazak Allah Khair!!

  2. dontbesad says:

    Not the best quality video, however, the words as ever are outstanding.

    This considers a subject very close to my heart- television. Very through coverage of the subject is a very interesting way. The Ummah needs to begin to endorse this way of thinking and realising the reality of things.

  3. Change says:

    لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

    Mashallah Sheik Hamza!!!!
    Very motivational lecture, I hope to be inshallah one those that can apply knowledge and turn it into actions. Inshallah we can all be strong confident people and will CHANGE this world for the better.


  4. muslimah says:

    i am of the muslim youth and i think that more of these lectures shold be made to guide us inshallah to help us on our path t oheaven 🙂

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