Intellectual Humility

Nouman Ali Khan

4 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Intellectual Humility ”

  1. Ariana says:

    this is so good, i’ve met so many annoying sexist muslim men.

    • Just Another Muslim says:

      “i’ve met so many annoying sexist muslim men.”

      I think this is a bit of topic Ariana 🙂

      besides, its probable you see them as sexist because the media has already made the stereotype. I feel men’s nature is same regardless of religion. Its all the same anatomy.

  2. Sister out there says:

    Mashallah was a brilliant speech.

  3. SubhanAllah says:

    well said Brother, May Allah preserve all of you at Qur’an weekly,alhamdulilah brother nouman i have listened to your tafseers at bayyinah on podcast i just have to say ALHAMDULILAH didnt think it was possible to learn so much and really understand what means by the Quran and Ayats in general from the Quran,looking forward to many more in Sha Allah

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