The Fiqh of Facebook & The Tafsir of Twitter

Abdul Nasir Jangda

One Response to “ Abdul Nasir Jangda – The Fiqh of Facebook & The Tafsir of Twitter ”

  1. Abdullah's Father says:

    Thou shall not (and exhort others to) block your avid fans/listener on twitter, buzz and Facebook.
    Thou shall teach forgiveness and practice it.
    Thou shall listen to both sides, if possible otherwise be quiet.
    Thou shall enjoin relations and not allow them to break with (in)actions.
    Thou shall only keep sight on your level in the eyes of Allaah and not in sight of people ( 3,00,000 likes? what was that? suppose it will never happen, does it mean you will stop teaching people Qur’aan?)

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