The Crisis of ISIS: A Prophetic Prediction

Hamza Yusuf


Shaykh Hamza gives a khutbah citing the Prophetic tradition in relations to the current events of today regarding groups like “ISIS”.

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40 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – The Crisis of ISIS: A Prophetic Prediction ”

  1. Khaled says:

    Timely….informative and convincing sermon from Sheikh Hamza.
    Jazaka Allah khayran.

  2. Amenda (Fatima) says:

    Jazaka Allah Khayran

  3. asdf says:

    hamzah is too good for us

  4. AAK says:

    We all need to speak out.
    One needs not find a prophetic prediction to see an evil deed. What ISIS is doing in the name of Islam is utterly reprehensible. Thanks to Imam Hamzah Yusuf for calling it for what it is – evil.
    I urge all Muslim scholars, Imams and community leaders to join Sheikh Hamza Yusuf in condemning these barbaric act.

  5. z says:

    Hamza Yusuf has always been and will always be #1!!!

  6. qqqqqqq says:

    please don’t call muslims idiots. im not sure about this shiekh, allahu alim..!!

  7. qqqqqqq says:

    shia are muslims???? they worship other than Allah! (Ali r.a)
    they hate the prophets family like aisha….mother of the believers!! allahu alim….again!!!

  8. qqqqqqq says:

    If you are truthful (sheikh) then may Allah reward you and raise you in honour….if you are a liar and a munafiq may Allah check you, disgrace you and remove you. Ameen….I will leave it for Allah the all knower of intentions…

    I don’t judge the speaker on how well he can speak arabic, I dont know arabic well…but i do smell fish from far far away.

    This was the first time I listened to this sheikh….I have heard many before…like khalid yasin, abdur raheem green, mufti menk, yusuf estez, bilal phillips and so on…I didn’t have any problem with their sincerety….they were all sincere…this sheikh makes me put a BIG question mark on him? I just get a strange feeling…subhanallah! may Allah guide us.

    with all due respect.
    Assalam walaykum

  9. qqqqq says:

    to blasphem any of companions,wives of the prophet saw or cursing them causes someone to be a disbeliever….shia blaspheme; mother of the belivers aisha ra. shia say she is not a mother for them…aisha said; right im just a mother of the believers not the non believers!

    They dont believe in sunnah….just quran…but you must believe in both to be a believer….!

    I beleive that we must respect them as we respect all non believers…help them and protect them if they ever need it…and make dawa for them too.

    but until then, they are still non believers….(because of the 2 points i mentioned) and there are other points….respect them but they are not muslims got it.


    • Gela says:

      qqqqq, Aselamualekim. Look, when you have such doubt, be gentle and kind to your self and research about the sheik and what he said. don’t disgrace yourself and harbor anger from others. you are behind a screen and he is out to a public doing an immense job for this dean. Fear Allah. He mentioned Allah and his messenger but you mentioned him. please please be humble even if you are entitled for your opinion. May Allah guide me.

      • qqqqq says:

        YES may you BOTH be guided ASAP! Before its too late for you both! Please don’t support hypocrisy, life is too short for that….get on the right way before its tooooo late..Ameen….

        wouldn’t waste one second to research about that man…I’d rather research about someone truthful….who really care about peoples well being like sheikh Mufti Menk, Yusuf Estes.


  10. qqqqq says:

    no thanks!

  11. qqqqq says:

    the speaker thinks its alright to say thikr in a group…(allah allah allah, clapping and swining their necks) these are branches of shia…this is bida’. the prophet saw never practised this nor did he prescribe it….so do you think the prophet saw was insufficient in delivering the message or he forgot to teach this…are these people doing something better than the prophet saw did?….we can’t innovate ,its haram…kulli bida dallala wa kulli dallaltin fin alnar……Hello.!..

    I think Im in the wrong website….but its really deceiving to call this halal tube and mix this guy in with the sincere speakers on the left side of the page….so dont be fooled by this guy….im going to peace tv …..see what sheikh bilal phillips said about hamza yusuf on youtube…astaghfirullah!


    • Gela says:

      Aselamualeikum qqqqq,
      I ask Allah his forgiveness for my honest idea prompted you to insult the sheik. I don’t know why we get angry quickly. And please forgive me if I pass any of your rights. Finally i ask the sheik to forgive me for my comment that made you this bitter. Allah knows best and he is the only one you has the right to judge not us my friend.

    • z says:

      qqqq, you know nothing about Sheikh Hamza, other than running with these false rumors. Sheikh Hamza has inspired many and is a great great Sheikh. You qqqq are nothing but a miserable hater! You should get your facts straight and actually get a life other than defending isis and criticizing the awesome Hamza Yusuf whose great works dwarfs anything you have ever done!

    • Farid Ahmed says:

      I agree brother.

  12. Farid Ahmed says:

    Why Hamza Yusuf never raised his voice against Bashar Assad, the tyrant false god of nusayris in Syria who is a mass murderer, who systematically inflicted countless massacres in cities and villages of Syria, turned the whole country in a one big ghost town, he’s bombing the people of Syria with “Barrel Bombs” and all of this just to save his monstrous government? Hamza Yusuf should speak against cruelty wherever it takes place otherwise its easily understandable the margin of doubt that’s sometimes so obvious when he speaks.

  13. z says:

    May Allah destroy ISIS, the Taliban, al qaeda, and all these freaks that have destroyed the ummah and made the middle east a miserable place! AMEEN!

  14. Farid Ahmed says:

    Hamza Yusuf doesn’t seem to care about the hell of atrocities being committed against muslims in Syria. He never criticizes Irani militias and Labanese Hizbullat who have carried out gruesome massacres across Syria. He’s a very good double standard Sheikh.

    • z says:


      • Farid Ahmed says:

        I’m not a hate monger or have any jealously whatsoever against your great Hamza Yusuf but please tell me when did he give a special khutbah against Bashar ul Assad, the false Nusairi god who has killed thousands of Muslims in Syria and his thirst for more blood never seems to be satisfied? So why your great sheikh is so lenient towards the mass murderer if he’s really an open critic of aggression? That’s why I call him a double standard sheikh.

  15. Abdul-Hakeem Hanifa says:

    Asalamualaikum brothers and sisters, why learn this deen? To speak well? Where is Taqwa? None knows. ONLY ALLAH(GLORIFIED AND EXALTED). Fitnah is real and we must not be part of it.

  16. Ali says:

    May Allah grant Sheikh Hamza Yusuf fardous, this guy has inspired me and my friends to become better muslims.

  17. Dear Sheik, May Allah grant you the fardous al a3la. Inshallah. Informative and amazing lecture.Jazak allah 7’airan

  18. Farhat says:

    May Allah grant Jannatul Firdous to such a learned person who has helped many people and tells us about the wrongdoings of many people so that we may be guided. Ameen

  19. Malay man says:

    In my country , Malaysian citizens were banned to join ISIS. The Mufti in my country said that joining ISIS is not legal because of their wrong doings in their effort to create a muslim state. The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia made Fatwa that ISIS were peoples who deviates from the teachings of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. In my opinian the ISIS is the modern form of Khawarijs ( a group of teachings that spilled other peoples blood) . These Khawarijs is very active in the time of the Umayyads and Abbasids dynasty. These khawarijs also killed Caliph Uthman ibnu Affan and Caliph Ali ibnu Abi Thalib from the Ar-Rashidin Caliphates .

    • Farid Ahmed says:

      Yes, I agree to an extent as ISIS being a modern form of Khawarij as they kill anybody who contradicts them but me talking here about the Sufi Hamza Yusuf who says a lot against ISIS but seems to support the mass murderer “bashar-al-asad” by staying quiet and saying nothing to denounce him and his brutal aids sent by Iran and Hizbu Shaitan.

  20. usuf A. Khan says:

    Hamza is a TRUE Muslim. Ya Allah make us all true believers like him.

  21. Saif says:

    It’s sad that we don’t know including brother a Hamza (or at least he didn’t mention it and I expected him to) but this ISIS plot is nothing more than another Israli ploy to divide and conquer Muslim lands under the covert operation ISIS let’s stop being fooled look who is the leader of this Isis group and his American political history

  22. UmAskia says:

    Imam Yusuf is NO BETTER or WORSE THAN the REST of US. PLEASE stop the Hollywood Shaykhs/Imams Sydrome! Most Muslims (Black Americans- Leaders and us average WORKING Muslims, Hispanic Muslims, etc…….,HAVE Spoke OUT AGAINST C.I.A. /Israeli made “ISIS” , etc……….” ! These groups will NEVER END, til ALLAH-swt ENDS IT !

  23. UmAskia says:

    P.S.: MOST of the EXECUTION Pictures are ELECTRONICALLY PASTED together . The ISIS person behind Prisoner IS NOT ACTUALLY THERE! A 5 year OLD can SEE it ! DIVIDE AND CONQUER people ! WHO ARE THEY REALLY ?

  24. Abdullah ibn Ahsan says:

    Thank you for this khutbah Sheikh Hamza. May Allah Most Bless you many times over in this world and the hereafter.

  25. Abdullah ibn Ahsan says:

    I hope inshaAllah that people are smart enough to know better then to listen to those who criticize this brother. Too many people today fall victim to people teaching false understandings of Islam. If whoever you take your deen from is causing you to hate others, bad mouth others, and call everything a bida then my sincerest advice would be to pray to Allah ta ala for guidance because once religious arrogance grows in the heart it is very difficult to see clearly. Be careful who you take your deen from. This deen is grounded in the ijazas (permission to teach or transmit) that are passed down from scholar to scholar, which Sheikh Hamza has is many branches of Islamic Sciences. While those to criticize him do not.

  26. Esa says:

    Salaam Alikum, This was a very good sermon on a topic that we should all be concerned with as muslims. Unfortunately for some of the people who have posted on this blog thought that Hamza Yusuf needed to talk about his that or the other. I also observed such ignorance that I believe was address in the sermon..which is everyone seems to believe they are scholars and at least give there opinion as if they have studied for 20 years about this beautiful religion. Thank you for this talk and I pray Allah strengthens our taqwa and purifies our hearts. May Allah forgive us and continue to blessed those muslims who teach on the right path.

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