Attaining Inner Peace in Times of Trial

Bilal Philips

4 Responses to “ Bilal Philips – Attaining Inner Peace in Times of Trial ”

  1. KhilafahIsComing says:

    Masha Allah good lecture alhamdullilah.

    The best part for me was the very empowering principle, shared by our shaykh, that if you consistently try your best to acquire any virtue and endure the difficulty of developing it, Allah SWT will most definitely grant it to you.

    That’s why the prophet SAW advised us to feign patience and struggle inwardly to restrain. By doing so consistently Allah SWT will eventually grant it to us and same goes for crying in salah, self-discipline, generosity and all other beautiful qualities.

    This means we can ALLL be GREAT MUSLIMS insha Allah doing really great things with our lives!!!

    May Allah SWT very pleased with the shaykh and grant him, Halaltube admin, and us janatal firdows amin!

  2. Zakkiyya says:

    JazakAllah Khair ahki Bilal Philips for this very touching and inspirational lecture. You have really made me take a good look at myself and by the grace of Allah(swt) I will make that change inshaAllah. May Allah(swt) continue to bless you and your family Ameen!

  3. Tausif Ahmed says:

    Jazak ALLAH khier – fantastic lecture – what I learned from it is that we need to pretend or act to be patient, and to be gratitude and be consistent with it, and ALLAH will grant us the Patience. Also, we need to commit to Change.

  4. Bangla Waz says:

    Jazakahhalu khair for this lecture. May Allah reward you for your Dawah and good deeds.

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