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Remembering the Days of Allah

Hamza Yusuf


Shaykh Hamza Yusuf discusses the many signs of the last days are already here and happening around the world today. He calls us to wake up and focus on our relationship with Allah.

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8 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – Remembering the Days of Allah ”

  1. Abdul Jaleel says:

    Subhanallah,what more signs do I want?
    Yes, wake up oh me and people…
    remember Allahu subahanahu wata’la.
    do what He swt asked us to do.

  2. Lily says:

    Why has the video been removed?

  3. musa says:

    Yeah good question, I have benefit a lot from Shaykh hamza’s lectures. If u put it bk on it’d be much appreciated.

  4. ilmisfree says:

    I put up the video, but it seems RIS paid a company called “pivotshare” who is selling it on their site. It is very disappointing to see RIS do this while other conventions like ISNA, ICNA and MSA National are able to put up their lectures for free on YouTube. What is more interesting is that the scholars who speak at the RIS conventions do not get any of the proceeds of the sales of the online video streams. Also 30% of the revenue goes to “pivotshare”. I had to take it down because “Adam M.” from “pivotshare” messaged me saying that he filed DMCA take down notice for it and if I continued to spread the “stolen” Islamic lectures from RIS he would take legal action using all means including FBI and calling it a criminal act.

    I hope Muslims would protest RIS and complain to them that even after charging people for the convention and paying the speakers to come, they decide to profit of the Islamic lectures that were given. Maybe their fellow convention cousins like ISNA or ICNA or MSA National should give RIS advice on how to make their lectures available for free.

    Which is better, earning a profit in this world or earning a profit for the next world? Selling Islamic lectures where the money goes to the scholars is good, but not when it goes to organizations that already are making money and covered their costs. Would the Prophet (s) sell his lecture to the people of Makkah and Madinah? Would his last sermon be sold to the North Africans when Islam came there? Would Abu Bakr (ra) or Umar (ra) charge people to teach them how to benefit from the Qur’an in Ramadan? Would Abu Hanifa, or Ash-Shafi or Ahmed ibn Hanbal charge for their notes to be viewed by their students?

    Contact RIS and protest/complain to them, but I doubt they will listen unless someone big makes a public appeal.

  5. Ahmad b says:

    Subhan’Allah, i listened to this lecture a few days ago and came back here to listen to it again only to see it removed. It’s a shame that RIS doesn’t follow in the footsteps of ICNA, as ilmisfree stated, and post their lectures free of charge, so that everyone can benefit. Ilmisfree, can you please send me an email at ahmad.nr [at] hotmail [dot] com. I’d greatly appreciate it. Jazaka’Allah khair.


  6. Maryam Hajar says:

    Alhamdulillah! Another option is here to see this talk, but the audio keeps cutting in and out. Every word of guidance from Sh Hamza Yusuf is a blessing to us all. I regret that RIS takes down his talks. very sad. I heard the Mawlid 2012 talk by Sh Hamza, and then it was quickly taken down. ..so sad.
    Jazak Allahu khair, Sh Hamza. May Allah continue to bless you with health and sakina. amin

  7. Janeth Hamid says:

    We will always be grateful to those who contribute and share Islam’s knowledge to those who are seeking guidance. Thank you HALALTUBE

  8. Excellent lecture
    as always..

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Please make dua for the following who help contribute monthly to Halal Tube to cover our hosting costs:

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