Tribulations from a Faith Perspective

Yahya Rhodus


Shaykh Yahya highlights that the greatest gift that we have been given, is the gift of faith because enables us to live a life of purpose. Faith is also the greatest gift we can give to the modern world in which we live. As people move further and further away from belief, resulting in a state of agitation and a state of panic. Faith (iman) is related to security (amn). With faith one finds security in their Lord who absolutely sustains and takes care of everything from its beginning to its fruition.

Shaykh Yahya reminds us that history is in good hands. The umma of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is granted mercy. There are many things of this deen and in this world that one cannot fully understand or comprehend the wisdom of, until they take into consideration the afterlife, and see how it plays out in the next life.

With all the great calamities, suffering and tribulations happening around the world, it gives one solace to know that their Lord is Just. Everyone who has been wronged will be fully gifted their right on the day of judgement. Therefore, we have to view everything from two perspectives simultaneously: from the perspective of faith and the unfolding of Divine decree, as well as from of perspective of judging particular incidents outwardly from the standpoint of the sacred law (shari’a).

Shaykh Yahya reminds us that this world is perishing and that death is a transition into the next life. Therefore we should always keep the next life in perspective. He urges us to respond to the Divine decree with total submission out of recognizing that Allah is truly in total control.

Shaykh Yahya finally reminds us that every Muslim is looked upon as a representative of Islam. Therefore, we have to have principled engagement with the society in order to bring forth the beauty of faith. This means that every individual Muslim needs to first immerse themselves in the meanings of iman, isalm and ihsan and then engage with the world. Bringing forth the light of the sunna of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) through our state of being is much more eloquent than speech about Islam. We should live that light, and spread that light freely by seeing ourselves as the servants of humanity. If we do this, we will truly see amazing things.

This Friday Khutba was delivered at the London Muslim Mosque ( as part of the Age of Anger – Southern Ontario Tour, April 2017.

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