Why is There Suffering in This World?

Yasir Qadhi


Allah(SWT) mentions in the Qur’an, “There are those people who worship Allah with a condition. If life is good, he’s happy and will happy with Allah. But if life is not good and a Fitnah happens, then he switches his faith in Allah, he ends up losing this world and the next” The wisdom of trying to understand the problems of this world is something that every faith/tradition has struggled with. It is one of the fundamental problems of theology.

The question of trying to understanding why there is pain, why is there suffering? Why is there bloodshed? Why is there evil in this world? This is a question that was asked of Allah even before he created us. When Allah(SWT) announced his creation of man in Surah Al-Baqarah, the angels asked: “Why would you do that” Even the angels asked the same question. Remember this is a question that was asked to better comprehend Allah’s wisdom, not to challenge Allah’s authority.

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