Our Future as American Muslims

Nouman Ali Khan

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22 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Our Future as American Muslims ”

  1. Irfan says:

    MR. Nauman: Assalam-O-Alaikum. I watched your video and in the end I did not get “what I am supposed to do now.” Would’nt it be better if you pick up a small topic and then describe the steps to achieve them and perpare?

    “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X.

    Also your knowledge on the Islamic movements is very shallow particularly comparing Bill & Linda and asking how many you have in Islamic world. Its like comparing apple with orange. If you want to know islamic movements then visit Pakistan leaving prejudices behind and visit as a student with open mind and I will show you. We have been apologetic for long and this is the time to build and revive no matter how small and imperfect. Reason Islamic institutions are not known in the west is because of lack of resources and people like you propagating against them. We have education isntitutions, healthcare and everything you can think of, all by the private institutions, and purely on charity / self sustaining income resources.

  2. Semira says:

    Assalamu-Alaykum Irfan. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that Islamic Institutions in places like Pakistan and elsewhere in the Muslim World are effective and comprehensive. I think what Nauman was getting at was American Islamic Institutions are generally lacking. His point about Bill and Melinda was directed at American Muslims, not at the Islamic World as a whole. I hope this helps 🙂

    JazzuAllahu Kayr Br. Nauman.

  3. Komal says:

    JazakAllahu Khair Br. Nouman, as always.

  4. Assalamualikum brother ,as you know that in India there are some different thought is being a issue in Muslim family they always fight with each other on a small topic and i hope that may ALLAH help you to provide us some concreat information with quran and haddes

    1 what is the diffrense when at the time of taqbeer people stand before start but same time some people stand when hay ya alas salah

    2 in some masjid after fajar salah they read salam

  5. Akhee says:

    @Irfan – Apparently, you didn’t read the title or listen to the lecture in its entirety. He was talking to American Muslims about the American Muslim community and what American Muslims need to do. May Allah forgive you and guide you.

  6. saadia says:


  7. Sami Said says:


    food for thought but not sure how I feel about it however.

  8. Juweriyah says:

    Yet again another amazing lecture with brother Nouman Ali Khan. May Allah azawjal forgive our short comings and grant us a place in Janatul Firdous.

  9. Abd Rahman says:

    As-Salamu Alaikum,

    There were some points which Brohter Nouman made that I agree with such as emphasis on studying and pondering the Quran, and learning the Seerah to strengthen our identity, and having better Jummah kutbahs.

    But I do not agree with his criticisms of movements working to restore the Islamic State. He said that what comes
    “naturally” with being in govrenment is that people hate you. That is not true. It is only true for non Islamic governments. But if we have an Islamic State that is run properly like Umar ibn Khattab or Umar ibn Abd al Aziz did then the people would not hate that government. Did the Muslims hate these rulers?

    He also said that governments are these huge burcracies. Once again I think he was basing this conclusion on Western governments. Insha Allah the Islamic State will not be like that. Do we not believe that Islam is a complete guidance for us? How then can Allah (swt) not have shown us how we can govern oursleves? The answer is there in the Quran and Sunnah, we only need to look harder.

    He said that the government does not control anything. This also is not true. The government controls the media and the academia, or it could. In the Islamic State the government can encourage the people to remember Allah more through the media and education system.

    Finally I do not agree with him indtifying us as “American Muslims”. We are one Ummah. The Prophet (saw) said that we are like one body. How then can we cut ourselves from the rest of the Ummah and identify ourselves with a political affiliation created by the disbelievers?

    Yes there are some good things in America such as freedom of religion and prosperity. But this culture at is core is the very antithesis of Islam. They call for secularism, meaning giving religion no place in the running of the society. They also call for individuaslim, and glorification of the ego and following the lusts. This is the American culture. How then can we idenitfy ourselves wiht it without compromising on some of who we are.

  10. habib says:

    Here is the answer to brother Nouman’s problem about an in deph understanding of the Quran: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=159470234080854

  11. Abdul At-Tawwaab says:

    AsSalaamu Alaikum,
    I think culture plays a big role in the problems in the Ummah. Many muslims, as the brother Nouman said, separate themselves from America and separate their thought of Islam and muslims in America forgetting there there is such a thing as a muslim from America. As an African American muslim,I find it very disheartening and annoying when I’m approached by muslims of another nationality and they’re in shock of me being a muslim. I also find it a little disheartening when I listen to lectures and the conversation about muslims are usually directed to the immigrant population of muslims. My parents did not travel from any where to come here. I’m from here. One brother commented about identifying us (the muslims in America) as American muslims. Well, I am really an American muslim. I think that’s a fact that’s overlooked. When this is addressed, the common response is we’re all muslim,however, find that cultural identity and interpretation of Islamic thought are imposed on us in Masajid and in the community as if, as the brother said, we all have to dress alike, think alike and speak alike. Just as Americans have to accept the role of culture plays with many muslims, muslims must realize that as well about American muslims. We have a culture. It’s the American culture.We must also realize that regardless of culture or where we come from,that should not trump the command of Allah. That’s where we should unify and that is what should direct our actions. I don’t see that happening in many communities.

  12. khwajas says:

    I totally agree with brother Nauman. I think we also need people in the business field that can lead the muslim ummah in trying to oranize us so we are able to do this. Another fact is a lot of the immigrant generations before us do not allow us to think that we are Americans. As a result of this they are unwilling to shed their old ways to learn something new and tha which is very needed. Oh! and everyone wants to be a doctor!

  13. Iman says:

    this is gold, mashallah..is there part 2 available?

  14. Majed says:

    Golden…definitely golden. Another eye-opener from Brother Nouman that requires reflection and application. Here’s there to teach us. In the end, we have to get up and do something.

  15. Majed says:

    Golden…definitely golden. Another eye-opener from Brother Nouman that requires reflection and application. He’s there to teach us. In the end, we have to get up and do something.

  16. icna says:

    i totally agree with you that we should learn our religion intensively.but every one is not nouman ali khan.give us some simple thoughts that could be done by norms.i can say from my experience islamic values can only be retainsd if we live among muslim circles.i realised now that for my grandsons future has dangers.i pray may allah give courage and devotion to educated people to do the organized and systamatic work so that every where we follow that.

  17. shoon says:

    MashaAllah, this is a very good lecture. I’ve gotten so much out of it. It’s puzzling that anyone can’t grasp what he’s saying that we Muslims should do starting NOW. It’s well worth a listen or two if you are open and willing.

  18. sumi says:

    even though i am not from america, i think i still applies to me as i live in the west,
    although i agree with some of what he said ie learning Quran, pondering over it, learning seerah better kutbah, and reviving the intellectual status of Iman. there are some things i think he has missed the point.
    he mentions about better iman
    at which point do we say we have enough Iman to then really work on a solution for All Muslims? did the sahaba wait and linger over this issue of iman or did they work with what they have whilst still fulfilling all the objectives? there were even some sahaba who only knew a few ayah yet their intellectual drive for islam was equal to that of the more learned sahaba

    i disagree with his statement of being American Muslim, there are many hadith which talk about one Ummah, not dividing ourselves, ” the ummah is like one body, when one part is sick , the rest of the body feels fever”
    i am Muslim living in britain but i will never say i am british in that i have loyalty to britain and that i can truly be fully practicing Muslim alongside a secular gov,
    his analysis of the groups working for Islamic state is flawed, yes there are some who are too symplistic and haven’t really thought things through, some which are not even halal however there are some who have a detailed, cristalized method, even have its own constitutions and cannons for the future state, basing it on the quran and seerah and applying to todays reality. they have thought on how they will utilize the air force, the existing police, the tax collecting etc,
    believe it or not there are sincere people who have this revolutionist ideological ideas where they take on qualifications to further the Muslims community, people who produce media to get people to think. people who are willing to SACRIFICE.

    yes most people hate their gov, mainly because they are oppresive and don’t apply true Islam, but IA if you do the dawah properly, then you would have built the ummah enough to be able to take the laws and themselves they call for it,
    all too often you find Muslims just want to get on with thier own lives, my life my dunya, my family my Islam, where is our responsibilty of taking islam forward? being amabassadors? this is what it means when we become Ideological Muslims, we think on a higher level than just their personal lives, when we take on the role of bringing Islam back on a state level, this is what you undertake, with out this duty, we are still enclosed me myself and i mode even if we are just concerned about ‘american Muslims’ what we gonna do for the rest of the ummah who die while we learn Arabic, make schools etc?
    i think that if you don’t have a clear tangible goal to reach, the ideas of this talk becomes clouded and futile.

    please search Khilafah.com for further info

  19. Khan says:

    I feel that br Noman is speaking about this only because he has seen the state of our Muslim community in multiple states all over the US. Whatever he said abt Sunday schools and Islamic education in the US is absolutely correct. He is full of brilliant ideas and if we listen to him, and to others like him, with an open mind without getting defensive(or judgmental) and try to implement these ideas; slowly but surely we can bring about a change for the better in our Muslim community. .

  20. Farhiyah says:

    “We need more workers, not more speakers” Amen to that brother.

    But speaking of speakers, I have a suggestion for my beloved fellow Muslims. Those of us who speak with a foreign accent should work hard to get rid of it. There are so many intelligent, educated Muslims who speak english with a very heavy accent. It’s a hindrance, and not everyone has the patience to listen to people whose english is limited or heavily accented. If we are planning to live in the U.S. and became productive members of society, we should take this man’s intelligent ideas and implement them. My humble addition, If we want to engage in dawa to non-muslims, we should learn to speak in a manner that will be easy for them to comprehend us.

    Having said that, those of you who were born in the U.S. or have already lost your accents should not belittle your fellow muslims who were born and raised abroad. Mean comments about accents are hurtful to your fellow muslims. If you really want to help, direct them to professionals who can do the job, such as a speech therapist.

    Thank God this amazing lecture was easy to understand, I wouldn’t want to miss anything.

  21. Coolsunshine says:

    The video stops at about 00:27:50, i request the uploader to plz check n fix it. Really nice lecture want to hear the whole of it! thanx

  22. Saima says:

    Yes, the video stops. I would like to listen to the whole thing if possible. Please fix it. JZ!

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