Sharia Law: Theocracy or Democracy?

Abdal Hakim Jackson

Question and Answer Session Part 1:

Question and Answer Session Part 2:

7 Responses to “ Abdal Hakim Jackson – Sharia Law: Theocracy or Democracy? ”

  1. Muallim Shair says:

    a bonafide scholar.

  2. tr says:

    lol. u got that right.

  3. […] worldly happenings. The talk, entitled Laying Down the Shariah Law: Democracy or Theocracy?, is available on HalalTube. See a small write up here. Hat tip to MJ. « S.H.A.R.E. – Saturday, March 15th […]

  4. Jana Bint Dawoud says:

    Alhamdulillah, a very astute and thoughtful presentation.

  5. Marc says:

    The book that Dr. Jackson speaks on is in fact called God’s Rule – Government and Islam: Six Centuries of Medieval Islamic Political Thought. Amazon link.

  6. Mohammed ouusman says:

    may ALLAH(S.W)Show us the wright way.

  7. Sulaiman says:

    After listening to Prof. Jackson,I want to remind us all of a quote from the Qur’an… And Say “Truth has come and Batil (falsehood) has vanished. Surely Batil (falsehood) by it’s nature is a vanishing thing. Qur’an 17:81

    What a remarkeable speech. Well done Masha allah

    As a comedic point there were times when his voice reminded me of Chris

    May Allah reward us all and continue to guide and protect us. Ameen

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