The Rise of the Far Right

Yasir Qadhi


It is reported in the Sahih of Imam Muslim that one day our Prophet Muhammad(S) was once sitting on one of the houses of Medinah. He looked around and said to the Sahabas: “Do you see what I’m seeing” They said “What oh Messenger of Allah” The Prophet answered: I see trials and tribulations falling upon your houses like the drops of rain. The frequency , the quantity will affect everybody”

In another Hadith, our Prophet(S) said that towards end of time, trials would become repetitive by nature. Every time a trial/calamity would come, the believers would become scared and terrified. They will say that we cannot pass this trial. The Prophet(S) said Allah will open up the doors and let it go away. Then another will come, they will say “ This is my destruction” and so on and so forth.

Nowadays when we look at how many incidents are taking place, how many issues that are rising day by day. We can see the difference of the how the world was before and what it has become now!

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