The Middle Path

Hamza Yusuf

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6 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – The Middle Path ”

  1. مزمل بن إقبال بن داود بن موسى الدادابهاي says:

    جزاه الله خيرا – May ALLAAH reward him. I really enjoy vintage Shaikh Hamzah more than anything else of his works.

  2. omar says:

    I would love Sh Hamza to write a book about life

  3. Abdallah ibn Adam says:


  4. Hashir ibn wali says:

    @Abdallah: one of you are , if not him you….Astafurllah may Allah azza wa jal help us with our heart towards our ummah Ameen.

  5. Azhar says:

    Ahsant…Sheikh never stops amazing me…magical.

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