Consipiracy Theories as Weapons of Mass Destruction

Abdal Hakim Jackson

6 Responses to “ Abdal Hakim Jackson – Consipiracy Theories as Weapons of Mass Destruction ”

  1. ahmad b says:

    Mash’Allah, that was a good reminder. May Allah (SWT) bless Dr. Jackson and us.

  2. brilmusic says:

    It is like he knows 911 was an inside job but knows how to navigate around pronouncing it in this climate of dangerous deception

    However, it does show that Muslims have very little power and cant control their own dialogue yet. Israelis have the Muslims tactically submissive

  3. muslimah says:

    What did he say in the lecture? I can’t open the video it says it has been removed. JazakAllahukhair

  4. Fadhil says:

    JazakaAllahu khaira jazaihi

  5. alhassan says:

    May ALLAH reward the righteous deed.

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