Western Muslims & Human Rights: An Alternative Framework?

Abdal Hakim Jackson

2 Responses to “ Abdal Hakim Jackson – Western Muslims & Human Rights: An Alternative Framework? ”

  1. S.Haider says:

    Very interesting discussion. Some very good questions from the floor; Muhammed Abdulahi’s question and contention (both his initial question and his follow up) is meaningful.

    1) The dichotomy that is central in his presentation, if not also in his framework, is problematic (a) Western dominant H/R discourse may not concede that this division exists (even though, I agree, it is inductively infered as implicit) and (b) when brought into Islamic terms – as the female questioner raised – how do you determine God’s rights and Man’s rights?

    2) Public space – what about homosexuality in the Parsi community (as per his example). If Zorastrians agreed on homosexuality would homosexual Zorastrian be free under a Qarafian public space?

    3) Communitarian approach is interesting – what/who constitutes communities?

    4) I think he makes a very valid point about Islamic legal practice – re: rangling over details and claims of competing jurisprudential allegiances – being the same as any other in the world. The only difference is a persisting immature belief amongst Muslims that they are in the buisness of God’s law, hence disagreements can potentially lead to declarations of heresy and violence (our past has examples of this). Not a substantive point but a side note.

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