A Proud, Patriotic, Sharia Practicing American

Yasir Qadhi

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  1. Realize says:

    Did not know that fitnat masih el dajjal has corrupted yasir qadhi in his mindset of politics. He understands spirituel islam but not political islam or political world order!! The illusion that he lives in a democracy is just an illusion. Watch imran hosein in halaltube to support my claims. Its not a world of democracy but more accurate an elitecracy meaning that the powerelite (bankowners, moneylenders, European zionist, internationel companys, mediaowners) rules with the illusion that its the poeple that rules even though its far from the truth. they use the media and control and own the media by monopolising it under the table to brainwash and burn the enemys of their goals when they are not willing to do crimes for them like they did this person from Imf. probably because he did not want to enslave another nation. so they use these cases to remove and replace the power frem high positions with the help of the media. This is the only way they can stay in power without uprising. Tricking the world that democracy works is the biggest illusion of modern day and a tool to stay in power behind the veil of lies. Does he not know of the great illusionist the dajjal which the profet pbuh warned about in the end of days and that one of the illusions would be that everything is great when its not. America is over soon anyway and the next wolrdpower station for the dajjal is Israel as foretold by the profet pbuh according to the hadith and analysis done by imran hosein. So maybe Qadhis grandchildreen will probably imigrate to israel where they can recieve an education and think of themselves as proud israelites after a generation or two. Dont think that jesus puh (esa) saw himself as a proud roman. What a statement. Interest (moneylending) only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. the wealth of the world is not distributet naturally when Riba is used by nations. How can one support such a system. Living in the nation that benefits from these crimes to humanity to obtaion the illusion that everything is okay when its not does not mean that its okay for the rest of the world just because one recieves an education and tricked by the dajjal ike the rest of the citicens. I am only patriotic to the law of Allah because it does not enslave unjustly under the table. he is proud that one can disagree with the goverment but thats exctly why the illusion works. Watch imran hosein and learn.

  2. Realize says:

    Otherwise i actually like Yasir qadhi. Dont mean to insult him, if i did iam sorry. just wanted to share my point before anyone watching this clip would agree without not knowing what imran hosein has to say about the world of today.

  3. maryam says:

    Don’t mess with my shiekh, he is brave, fearless, and steadfast, what more can you ask for?

    • Realize says:

      Salam ualeikum 🙂
      Its not messing with your sheikh. If he is your sheikh, he is my sheikh to since I also percieve him as brave in the arena of spirituel islam. Alhamdulilah for that. We all benefit from his knowledge of his strength, but he lacks political islam and insight. Thats my only point. Why should I as his brother not remind him of a perception, that he may not have thought of. All muslims can benefit one another from there wisdome and knowledge that Allah has given them. A true seeker of knowledge lets his wisdome move him according to the knowledge he gaines and never arrogant in letting any knew perception and knowledge move his standpoint, since there always is something outthere that can increase your perception. thats a true seeker of knowledge. In the end we are all humans like yasir qadhi and in that sence never can percieve everything perfect. So Alhamdulillah for the reminders which intentions are to broaden the perspective of one another. We should not forget the other side of islam, which is the political. There is a few sheiks in the world who has insight enough in the arena of politics and expertise exactly the dajjal and gog and magog and historical connections. So why not mention what is lacking in Yasir Qadhis perception of politics. Its my duty to mention this and I personally dont think that yasir qadhi minds. Ie you cant view the world only with the external eye and expect your judgement to be sound and without fault. Like Moses puh with the sage Khidr. Moses was learned since he was a prophet yes and alhamdulilah for that, but the sage Khidr viewed the world with both the external and the internal eye and therefore was more learned than Moses Subhannallah. Thats a story in the Quran mentioned by Allah not by accident, but to show us something meaningfull with it. Even Moses did not know it all. Why should Yasir qadhi know it all. Yasir qadhi speaks according to his best knowledge like Moses did with the sage Khidr. But Allah shows us that Moses even though he was learned and a prophet puh, he was wrong since he only viewed with the external eye. Imran hosein gives you an internal and external political understanding of the dajjal, gog and magog era and the world of today. Very rewarding. I only wish for Yasir qadhi to rethink his view of politics and inshaallah study what imran hosein has to say since he also is a sheikh, which may increase his perception, knowledge and internal eye like the sage Khidr did with Moses. Then yasir qadhi would be explosive Inshaallah. 🙂

  4. KhilafahIsComing says:

    To be patriotic, you must be a law-abiding citizen. But this is impossible since a true muslim should only abide by the laws of Sharia. The solution, therefore, is not integration but rather separation/disassociation from western philosophy/form of government and return to complete Muslim unity under a powerful Caliphate. Then the tables will turn and it’ll be the kufar trying to integrate and trying to fit in (ha!).

    And yes shaykh the west will start revoking citizenships torturing Muslims throwing them in jail and killing them… its just a matter of time. Should we be surprised? nope my dear brothers and sisters since Allah tells us in suratul Baqarah; that the kufar will NEVER be satisfied with us until we become Jews or Christians. So lets wake up Muslims! We DONT and NEVER will belong in a non-Muslim Society. and thats the truth!

    May Allah SWT guide this shaykh or get rid of him so more people like maryam arent mislead. Amin!!

    • Jul says:

      Your remarks are well taken…it is clear … your position is strong!
      Interstingly, I find your statement so very limiting, when you uttered:
      “So lets wake up Muslims!”
      We DONT and NEVER will belong in a non-Muslim Society. and thats the truth!”

      You say that with such conviction and empowerment….that it so sadly leaves a statement of negativity for all to see, for all to hear and for all to believe.
      Perhaps you could add a punctuation to your statement by saying “So mote it be”
      but then again, the power to utter what you said,…truly comes only from Allah (swt)

      If one wants to see the peace, one must be that peace. salaam alaikum, Brother

      respectfully, Jul

      • Ali says:

        Jul, if that’s the way you feel. Then go live under ISIS or the Taliban. You do not speak for the rest of us. Our prophet (saw) ordered us to be law abiding where ever we are.

        • Jules Rensch says:

          Brother Ali, In due and all respect, perhaps you are in some state of confusion….my reponse was to a statement made by “KhilafahIsComing” when he uttered:
          “So lets wake up Muslims!”……………………………………………………………………………………
          “We DONT and NEVER will belong in a non-Muslim Society. and thats the truth!”

          Sadly in that statement, KhilafahIsComing, may be placing himself and others at odds with all attempts to Muslims gaining respect and honour within the larger society of the World and it’s peoples.

          He drew such a line in the sand that only renders himself as incapable and unwilling…. of finding the peace that Allah (swt) wishes for grants to his creations.

          see the peace, be that peace….salaam alaikum

          respectfully, Jul

          • Ali says:

            Brother Jules, let me clarify what I meant. I agree no matter where we are in the world, true peace comes from Allah (swt). My friend you are 100 percent right about that.

            But this idea of all muslims need to live in a muslim society and all non-muslims need to live in a non-muslim society is dilusional and is not the reality of this dunya. Things have changed big time especially in the last 50 years.

            And good or bad, they are not going to back the other way where for example you have all chinese living in China, all Indians living in India etc, etc,. This is the reality. Globalization has changed all that.

            So all am saying is that I agree with Dr. Qadi in that as muslims we should be law abiding citizens where ever we are in the world.

            respecfully, Ali

          • Jules Rensch says:

            Ameen, Brother Ali…..
            as ever, in respect, Jules

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