Christian / Muslim Dialogue: Satan’s Art of Worship

Yusuf Estes

4 Responses to “ Yusuf Estes – Christian / Muslim Dialogue: Satan’s Art of Worship ”

  1. Maria says:

    As a former Christian, I feel blessed to have had the privilege of exposure to both sacred texts. I am now muslim since 2009. This video shows the best side of Christians and Muslims when they come together not in fear and ignorance, but with open minds and love. Al hamdulilah!

    • Olesia says:

      Mashallah sista Ive been Muslm since 2009 too. Im so happy Allah guided me to this path! I love Islam soo soo much and theres so much more to learn.

  2. hassim or (Hashim) says:

    Alhumdolillah I find your lectures very informative and interesting , Yusuf Estes. Could you e-mail me your lectures, events and interesting stuff.
    Hassim Sayed
    Port Shepstone
    South Africa

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