Sharing Success: Fair Trade Commerce for a Better World

Hamza Yusuf


In the recent years, Fair Trade has emerged as one of the world’s most dynamic efforts to enhance global social justice and environmental sustainability through market based social change. Does Fair Trade necessarily mean ethical trade? What impact can the average consumer have on global economics? Grounded in the inspiring power of Fair Trade as a positive alternative to poverty, environmental destruction, and human exploitation, this enlightening session will explain how we can make a difference.

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3 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – Sharing Success: Fair Trade Commerce for a Better World ”

  1. Habibi says:

    SubhanAllah….where are you getting these OLD gems from the beloved sheikh ?

    JazakAllah Khairan

  2. Maryam Hajar says:

    SubhanAllah…everyone should listen to this timely ‘talk’…which addresses all the problems we deal with everyday. The Shayhk explains why our everyday choices, when we buy things effect everyone else…a holistic approach to dealing w/the world’s socioeconomic problems. Ethical practices are required of us Muslims; whether we are consumers or merchants. May Allah swt preserve Shayhk Hamza Yusuf for his teachings and enlightening us. Jazak Allah khair for him and his family.

  3. Mujahd says:

    The film he mentions regarding child labor and chocolate can be found at:

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