Riyad Nadwi Lectures

The Qur’an and Our Relationship with it

As human beings we cultivate relationships throughout our lives. From the day we are born to the day we will die our lives are surrounded by multiple forms of relationships. Some are formal, some are necessary while others are casual . We have relationships with our friends, relationships with our work colleagues, relationships with our neighbors, and relationships, even with our pets but why is there a need to have a relationship with a book that is fourteen hundred years old and for many of us in a foreign language? This is the question! For the answer listen to the lecture and pray for the Shaykh.

Islam in a Post 9/11 World

Islam in a Post 9/11 World: Muslim Minorities and the way forward.

Preparing for Ramadan

Shaykh Riyad Nadwi discusses how we should prepare ourselves for the blessed month of Ramadan.

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