Safi Khan Lectures

Yaqeen: Moving Forward With Confidence in Allah

In this lecture by Imam Safi Khan, discover the concept of yaqeen, of confidence in Allah, and how to imbibe its features to help you stay away from depression and to move forward in life. This lecture covers examples from the lives of Abu Bakr, Khalid ibn Waleed, and the mother of Musa.

Whatever Your Heart Desires: Jannah

“Those who have believed and done righteous deeds (will be) in the flowering meadows of the Gardens (Paradise), having whatever they wish in the presence of their Lord. That is what is the great bounty.” [Surah Ash-Shura 42:22]
Heaven. Its roof is the throne of Allah, its buildings are of gold and silver, its rocks are of pearls and jewels. Heaven. Its ground and soil are of musk and saffron, its fruits are softer than butter and sweeter than honey, its leaves are softer than the softest of cloths. Heaven. Its gardens are of delight, underneath which rivers flow; rivers of water, milk, wine, and honey. Its inhabitants will leave therein happy and without worry, given comfort after comfort, granted wish after wish. Heaven. Its dwellers will receive Allah’s pleasure and will revel in the greatest pleasure of all: to see Allah.
Heaven: oh, how we wish for it so: for ourselves and our families and friends. Fill your heart with hope and love of Allah during this session, as you learn about this final station in the Journey through the Hereafter, this station of eternal bliss…

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