Lectures on Money

Yaser Birjas – Five Ways to Gain Money and Wealth in Islam

Who doesn’t love money and wealth? Is it wrong to want to be wealthy? What is the Islamic take on this? Shaykh Yaser Birjas explains int his khutbah on the appropriate relationship we should have with money and wealth.

Abdul Nasir Jangda – The Want For More

Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda keeps it real in his talk about personal finance, debt, Islamic finance and what the the sharia compliant way is really with all of this.

Siraj Wahhaj – The Currency of the Hereafter

A lecture based on one of his well-known khutbahs about charity. Imam Siraj Wahhaj demonstrates the reality of wealth from an Islamic perspective. He reminds the audience to use their money wisely and inspires them to spend now before it’s too late. Remarking that this is one of the most important topics to understand, he places the life of this world in the proper context and reminds us of just how fleeting material things really are. A great talk that emphasizes the importance of giving and that our true security comes with investing in the hereafter. Includes an extensive question and answer session that addresses, among other things, the following issues: saving money in the bank, balance in spending, zakat on gold jewelry, sadaqah jariyyah, reward for helping non-Muslims, and giving zakat to non-Muslims. (Duration: 1 hour, 35 min)

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