Lectures on Secularity

Abdul Nasir Jangda – Religion and Education: The Struggle for an Identity

One of the unique struggles of our generation is the tension that arises with attempting to reconcile technological developments and our secular education with our religious education and spiritual development. Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda helps us understand the balance between the two spheres of knowledge.

Zaid Shakir – Islam, Secularism, and Modernity

Imam Zaid Shakir discusses secularism in light of Islam.

Zaid Shakir – Tinkering with Religion in the Garage

Modern societies have become fundamentalist in their secularism and have effectively banned religion from the public square. Religion has been relegated to the status of a personal hobby, to be practiced behind closed doors. Does public morality suffer as a result? Is religious morality inherently divisive and disruptive as many believe?

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