Abdul Malik – Who Are You? Identity Crisis

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8 Responses to “ Abdul Malik – Who Are You? Identity Crisis ”

  1. zakkiyya says:

    Wow brother Abdul Malik is one of my favorite speakers, This is a beautiful lecture and soooo true. May Allah(swt) continue to bless this brother to carry his word to our youth and to the ummah Ameen!

  2. Brilliant lecture. I love Abdul Malik.

  3. Usama says:


  4. Selam. I am a brother from Bosnia living in America and everything this brother said hit home with sniper like accuracy. I just want to say that this is an awesome lecture and brother Abdul Malik is so full of passion and energy and that makes this lecture brilliant. May Allah reward our brother Malik for all of his efforts, and may Allah forgive us our sins and allow us to enter paradise through his infinite mercy. Amin.

  5. uzma says:

    Assalamalaikum ,Mashallah.He spoke the truth…n we muslims need to know ‘WHO WE ARE’.May Allah azwajal guide us n grant us jannah..Ameen..

  6. Zainab Fida Ahsan says:

    Summa ameen to all the above duaas and wassalam aleykum :)

  7. Yusuf Khan says:

    Beautiful lecture. We have to read the Quran with understanding. The Buddist Scripture, The Vedas (Hindu), The Torah, Old and new testaments ALL mention the coming of Prophet Mohammad. All religions lead to ISLAM. That’s ALLAH’s plan.

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