Ali al-Tamimi – Benefits of Ramadan

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Ali al-Tamimi – Benefits of Ramadan

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8 Responses to “ Ali al-Tamimi – Benefits of Ramadan ”

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  2. Zaufishan says:

    Excellent, mashaAllah, informative & wise.

    Ramadhan Mubarak people! (: Be extra good. Allah’s watching you.

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  4. Shazia says:

    A great reminder. All make Dua for Shaikh Ali that Allah releases him sooner then later inshallah :)and whilst he is in prison that Allah eases all his affairs :)

  5. Amir Hamza Rehman says:

    Usalaamualayikum, I hope that ur Ramadan is going very well. My question to you is what are the benefits of Halal Products?

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  7. This Brother,Always gets me to stop and lend an ear to what he is saying i love the dawa that this brother has put out there,it is such a refreshing joy to here [ISLAM]spread the way this brother put it.from ;quran and the sunnah.MAY ALLAH keep us on the stright path.

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