Hamza Yusuf – Be Great People!

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10 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – Be Great People! ”

  1. Rahma says:

    Thankyou Shaikh Hamza, may Allah bless you

  2. Mohamed Tariq says:

    Thank you Shaykh Hamza, may Allah bless you for your efforts.

  3. Mairo Maiyaki says:

    Masha Allah! Very very powerful lecture.

  4. Abdul khalid says:

    Masha Allah! may Allah make your five childern five gardens in the paradise brother Hamza Yusuf.

  5. Maryam Hajar says:

    Allahuakkbar! Jazak Allah Khayr, Sh. Hamza for this amazing teaching.

  6. Sarah Amena says:

    I love it when he speaks Arabic and English together! SubanAllah!

  7. Athif says:

    The video isn’t available anymore. Please fix!

  8. Most beneficial ! May ALLAH bless Sheikh Hamza yusuf and his family. May ALLAH make us of the “great people” :D

  9. Seyran Vural says:

    jazaka Allah khair

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