Nouman Ali Khan – Opposite Sex Interactions

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3 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Opposite Sex Interactions ”

  1. Lou says:

    lol love the table tennis at the end! When I tell my students this story of prophet Musa (AS) and the interaction with the women, my students mention they don’t WANT to be shy, it’s “not their personality” and they don’t see it as a positive thing. Despite my explanation of the difference of shyness and low self-seteem, it’s still not very appealing to be shy these days.

  2. Nabiha says:

    I know what you mean, Lou. But I think part of the problem is the use of the word ‘shy.’ Maybe it would be better to explain it as being somewhat ‘reserved’ with the opposite sex.

  3. Sajda says:

    A great motivator and reminder that I can still got to school and get a good job without compromising my haya and esteem as a Muslimah. I <3 Islam!

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