Zaid Shakir – The Spiritual Struggle

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Zaid Shakir – The Spiritual Struggle

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2 Responses to “ Zaid Shakir – The Spiritual Struggle ”

  1. rob says:

    bismillah. alhamdulillah. im a muslim gone dawleen in Peru. im ashamed to admit it but at times truth hurts.the reason of my writtings is to let all imams and muslims know that any and all your words of intellect that go back to the Qur’an and Sunnah is uplifting and very, very valuable to me and those struggling to come back to the sirat al-mustaqeen. i loved you brothers keep up studying, learning and speaking against haram…may allah reward you all with jannah. my upmost sinceres salams.
    (roberto leva)

  2. angie says:


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