Lectures on Conversion

Jamal Zarabozo – How the Qur’an brought me to Islam

Shaykh Jamal Zarabozo discusses his fascination over the Qur’an and how it brought him to accept Islam.

Abu Taubah – My Journey to Islam

Abu Taubah shares his story coming from an African American Christian family, with strong roots in seeking knowledge and seeking the truth, to Islam.

Yusha Evans – My Journey To Islam

The story of a young American from a Christian family in the United States converting to Islam.

Usama Canon – Dar al-Arqam: How the Prophet Muhammad Cared for Converts

Ustadh Usama Canon discusses the first safe space created for Muslim converts in Mecca: Dar al-Arqam. In this story, we learn many lessons on how the Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] cared for the needs of newly-converted Muslims.

Usama Canon – Creating Safe Spaces

Ustadh Usama Canon Ustadh Usama Canon talk’s about the importance of the idea of creating a safe, open space for new Muslims, people interested in Islam and spirituality and/or the often marginalized youth of our Muslim community. Also, discussing why and how an open space like this is crucial to sustain and encourage Muslim students and youth to inculcate and continue an open, non-judgmental approach to inviting others to Islam, which is imperative in a pluralistic community that is often found on college campuses.

Yusha Evans – Eureka! My Journey to Islam

Joshua Evans discusses how as a bible scholar and youth pastor he came to embrace Islam because of his study of Christianity.

Suhaib Webb – My Road to Islam

Imam Suhaib Webb discusses his journey to Islam.

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