My Road to Islam

Suhaib Webb


Imam Suhaib Webb discusses his journey to Islam.

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5 Responses to “ Suhaib Webb – My Road to Islam ”

  1. Achraf El Allali says:

    soory i thought it was a feedback to the website. i realize my comment has nothing to do with the show. I love the show..

  2. Mansoor says:

    Suhaib was on the money when he spoke of how the Muslims were viewed in the hip-hop sub culture as the people to go to in order to correct themselves. This was only done when life had spiralled out of control and the recklessness had caught up with that person. It is very easy for the gangbangers at the top to understand the truthfulness of Islam because among the “O.G.’s” of these street clans lies the concept al war’a al bar’a applied to the hierarchy of street soldiers especially the loyalty that lies between those at the top, not so much towards the bottom.

    It is a shame to see how the image of muslims and in turn Islam is being tarnished by muslims being caught up in this lifestyle. We can only pray as Khalid Yaseen said for our brothers and sisters involved with drugs, out in the clubs to become estranged and come back to the masjid. Its not a coincidence that all rappers know about Islam, even before all of the nonsense media propaganda started lashing at it, and it seems that internally, if they weren’t so famous and sought after by media junkies…then they too would be practicing in peace. For them also, we can only pray.

    As for Suhaib, Alhumdulillah, he is a visionary for sooo many muslim youths caught up in the street life. I wish he would gear some of his efforts more towards getting these youth back, because I believe that if they can survive in the conditions that they put themselves into, then they can bring great things forth for Islam. I would love to see and hear a series out on drugs and vice geared towards lost youth, because it is them who have the strength in blood. If wisdom is added to them, then what we have is a formidable opponent for the opressors to deal with.

    And thats not good news for anyone whose been opressing the muslims


  3. mohamed says:

    Ce guide islamique a été conçu pour les non-musulmans afin de les aider à mieux comprendre l’islam

    hamdo lilah

  4. Ubaid says:

    this video is no longer working, please take it down.

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