Lectures on Dhikr

Omar Suleiman – Reviving a Dead Heart

Imam Omar Suleiman reminds us in this khutbah on the importance to be in a state of remembrance of Allah.

Faraz Rabbani – Rush To The Remembrance Of Allah

In this khutba, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani discusses how Allah (Most High) has commanded us to rush to the Friday prayer with a certain purpose, that purpose is the remembrance of Allah. The rush in here is the rushing of concern, not the physical rush.

He further goes into detail about what is meant by the ‘remembrance of Allah’; it entails two senses:
[1] The remembrance of Allah itself because the prayer IS an act of remembrance of Allah.
[2] That which reminds of you Allah, i.e. the khutba, that which reminds you of how to rectify your relationship with Allah (Most High).
The key to rectifying one’s relationship is the quality of taqwa, of having mindfulness of Allah.

Muhammad al-Yaqoubi – The Power of Dhikr

In this seminar held at the ‘Global Peace and Unity’ event in London (Oct 2010), Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi talks about dhikr, its various meanings and benefits. The Q&A session at the end covers topics such as the need for a spiritual guide, reciting the Names of Allah, and dhikr from the Sunna.

Hamza Yusuf – Seven Steps of Highly Effective Muslims

Mankind is lost and confused. Islam has the answers and solutions but yet we stray from it. We do not reflect upon the Quran. Our hearts yearn for Allah and want to be purified. In this lecture Shaykh Hamza discusses ways to improve our souls and get closer to Allah.

Zaid Shakir – Shielding our Hearts: Facebook, Twitter, & “Me” Generation

Lecture from MSA National Conference 2010 parallel to the ISNA 2010 Convention.

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