Yasir Qadhi – Breads and Threads: Dress Right, Eat Right

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9 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – Breads and Threads: Dress Right, Eat Right ”

  1. abdifatah says:

    May Allah ta’laa preserve the sheikh Amain, and what a wonderful lecture and relevent.

  2. Hossain says:

    How can I listen to the rest of the lecture?
    can someone post the remaining lecture on this topic.
    JazzakAllah khair

  3. shoon says:

    Masha-Allah. This lecture is great.

  4. hina says:

    great lecture.I definitely need other part of these lectures.pls provide us with these lectures,it will solve a lot of practical problems.

  5. Husna says:

    ASalaam o’alaikum wr wb

    Please make rest of this lecture available for everyone, it’s much needed.
    JazakAllahu Khairan Katheerah

  6. Fatima says:

    ASA, This lecture is nice mashaallah, but the response about the nose ring is not clear because the hadith was about ear piercing not nose and I am not clear on where nose is a place for piercing, just because some cultures do it. If that is the case would it be safe to say lips and tongues can be pierced because a culture does it please I need more proof from an ayat or hadith onthis

    keep up the good work

  7. Fazila says:

    this lecture was so good MashAllah. Ireally hope someone will find the other parts and post them; I couldnt find them ANYWHERE on the net…does any one know another place it can be posted??

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