Yassir Fazaga – The 6 Cs of Character

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6 Responses to “ Yassir Fazaga – The 6 Cs of Character ”

  1. Salima says:

    This is an excellent lecture. Everyone should listen to this and take notes to engage him or herself toward becoming a better Muslim.

    Zazak Allah Khair to brother Yassir Fazaga. His lectures are always very intelectual and clear.

  2. Manna says:

    MashaAllah! Beautiful and beneficial lecture.

  3. Bushra says:

    Mash’Allah !! Indeed a heartfelt lecture may Allah swt bless brother Yassir Fazaga and guide us all to building a great character in which will benifit us in this world and the hereafter insh’Allah !

  4. Alhumdollialh! a beautiful lecture. Allah blesses the brother and guide entire world community to benefit from this presentation. I am thousand miles away from where this lecture was delivered, but due to the modern technology I am able to enlightened my self and work on the issues of developing a sound character. Jazakallah Khair

  5. Danish says:

    Mashallah! Beautifully mentioned basic points to strengthen our character. I make dua that you get heard at ISNA annual convention especially for the young parents, may Allahswt bless amd protect you and your family.

  6. Farhiyah says:

    I would be gratefull if someone can tell me what is the last C. I couldn’t listen to the lecture past the first 45 minutes.

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