Zaid Shakir – Islam, Secularism, and Modernity

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3 Responses to “ Zaid Shakir – Islam, Secularism, and Modernity ”

  1. Nabeel says:

    Hitting the nail on the head eloquently masha Allah I really enjoyed listening to this speech much food for thought .

  2. Mullallah says:

    The plan is to make the entire world end up like Afghan, Pak and all other psychopath islamic places. Sucks!

  3. Hank says:

    All religionists of every flavor want their religion to rule the world. Baptists want everyone to be Baptist and they denigrate other religions. Catholics are much the same, but they also go well out of their way to denigrate Protestantism in general. The United Pentacostals are a very devout crowd who live in much the same manner as the devout Muslims, but they too favor their religion over all the others. Upshot? Don’t listen to religionists of any flavor when they cry about the vicissitudes of “secularism.” Check anywhere you please and every where you find the religionists in charge of politics, there will be bloodshed and disorder.

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