A Piece of the Puzzle

Yasir Qadhi

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  1. Narriman says:

    Masha Allah. What an inspiration, I am a part of the puzzle!

  2. […] some reason, I can’t get the embedded videos to play so here is a […]

  3. muslimah 84 says:

    May Allah bless brother yasir. I have heard most of his lectures and he never fails to deliver and is always clear and explains things so well. Hes lectures are very well structured and easy to understand. I recommend all his lectures to everyone!!!

  4. Aamanee says:


    As Salamu Alaikum sisters and brothers,
    just wanted to share this link inshAllah

  5. Argentyne says:

    Masha’llah. Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. I am in tears, I wished and wished that this lecture would not end. Ya Allah, please accept Shaykh Yasir’s dua, let us all be firm on the straight path and remember, that no one enters Jannah without facing fitnah.May Allah bring us all closer to the Deen. May Allah bless everyone related to the putting up of this lecture and our Ummah and all humankind.

  6. Khan says:

    Jazakallah,mashallah for this inspiring lecture and rare insight into Fitnas.I say Ameen to beautuful dua of bro Yasir Qadhi at the end of lecture.
    I pray that all bros/sis share and learn from this site (lecture)by e-mailing to others as well.

  7. Umm Taymiyyah says:

    A beautiful lecture! Everyone should listen to it, insha Allah.

  8. nuru says:

    mashallah,we are a part of the puzzle

  9. michelly says:

    Asalamualekum, for some reason I’m not able to play the lectures… Any suggestions?JZK

  10. michelly says:

    Asalamualekum, For some reason I’m not able to play the lectures… Any suggestions please?JZK

  11. henna says:

    May ALLAH save us from all fitnas May ALLAH save us Ameen sum aameen:
    khuda ne aaj tak us qoom ki halat nahi badli
    na ho khayal jise apni halat aap badalne ka

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