Supersession and Intersession of Mawlid

Abdal Hakim Murad

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25 Responses to “ Abdal Hakim Murad – Supersession and Intersession of Mawlid ”

  1. TAK says:

    Aluhumdulillah, this is a very complicated subject. Yes, it is simple for those who do or do not want to celebrate the Mawlid. I for one out of caution of doing something the first 3 generations never did (thus possible participating in something that may be a bidat), have chosen not to celebrate. I try to celebrate the Prophet (PBUH) by following his example as a person and role model and remember him everyday for the great man he was. For me as long as there is textual proof, I can go with it. If there is not, there is a possibility of falling into the same traps that the People of Book did. I agree the heart is a great gauge, but Shaytan can also make one think the heart is doing something good.

  2. mohamed says:

    i think the mawlid is a good thing all the great mashaykh of the past give it the ok and the proof with it as shaykh hamza yusuf said mawlid once a year its a bidah we should have a mawlid every day in our life rembering the prophet i know a friend of mind is studying in tarim yemen with habib omar and they have a mawlid every thusday night
    the thing is if you do not thing its alright do not do it but do not knock the people that do it iv been to mawlid before and the only thing they do is nasheeds of the prophet(pbuh)and talk about the seerah that brings mahaba in our hearts may allah grant us all jannah firdous with the beloved prophet (saw)amin

  3. nama says:

    This is a load of crap, islam’s source is from quran and sunnah, and not your heart. Your heart has to make the right niyyah, etc. You don’t follow your instincts but the law of allah

  4. Awais says:

    nama, what is the point of the law of Qur’an? The main reason is probably so you can reach a level of spirituality inherent in those destined for jannah.

    If we lose sight of the end then we are thinking like close-minded people. Remember, religion is a MEANS to an end, not the end itself.


  5. Sulaiman says:

    Awais Allah says whoever obeys Allah and his prophet will attain a great achievement, not obeying our “heart” Audhubillah. May Allah protect us from these deviations from what the SALAF-U-SALIH (Pious predecesors) never understood or followed. Also The Religion is not a means to an end … what kid of rubbish statement is that, the religion is the end itself. And what do you mean by your answer to whats the point of the laws of the Qur’an…then you answer with the word “probably”…audhubillah…Islam is not your religion to interpret nor is it mine it is the religion of Allah and we accept what he says and that which was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and the way it was understood by the companions any personal opinion we have must remain in the crevice of our minds.

    P.S you are Muslim So I love you for the sake of Allah. This is only naseeha not trying to throw out insults and i pray that what I have said is acceptable to Allah and is true…May Allah guide and protects all the muslims. Ameen Masalam

  6. TAK says:

    I did want to clarify one item. If there was proof from any of the madhabs, ijma, or some other juridical proofs (in addition to direct reference in Quran/Sunnah), I am fine with people practicing it even though I don’t. Example: Imam Malik made no issue about a particular annual celebration. Just the covetousness of the kids as they chased after candy. We have to learn to respect other’s practices even if we don’t as long as there is a proof. And even if you have better proof, we as Muslims are supposed to respect the other because they have solid justification. I am not saying there is for the Mawlid because I am not learned enough. Just emphasizing etiquette, which is usually taught before ilm.

    I also heard Sheikh Hamza’s stance on the Mawlid, but I know he participates in some Mawlid functions (I think). Does anyone know in what capacity he does? JAK

  7. Qasim says:

    If celebrating the Mawlid is biddah, than going to yearly conferences must be as well…

  8. Rasema says:

    “Celebrating” what is the defenision of celebration? we don’t celebrate anything!

  9. AH says:

    Sidi’s – before we all go off on 1 and fall into the trap of the Shaytan please listen to the learned Shaykhs bayans.

    Whatever your personal opinion on a subject, listen to the bayan before you type something that remains on this site for all to see for years to come and the inherent danger therein of saying something incorrect or that which goes against the ijma of the ulama.

    May Allah bless Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad and the eminent shuyukh that he has blessed us with to guide us in interpreting the shariah.

    May Allah shower peace and blessings on our leige lord and illuminating lamp, Rasool Allah and the 4 caliphs, companions, Ahl ul bait, the 4 great Imams of fiqh and all the blessed Shuyukh.

  10. AH says:

    SubhanAllah – what an amazing shaykh.

  11. There has always been a difference of opinion amongst the great scholars whether an annual Mawlid is permissable or not. Each camp has their evidence and both opinions should be respected.

    The erosion of the etiquette of I’tikhlaf is a great fitna of our ummah today. May Allah guide us all.

  12. wanderer says:

    Mawlid is not a birthday celebration where you have a cake and candles hehe. The poor muslims who believe so are guilty of ignorance of what a mawlid gathering is (read salafis, wahhabis, deobandis)
    Did not the sahabah gather to celebrate the life of The Prophet saws? Is it wrong to talk about him, remember him, educate about him, praise him?

    Subhan Allah, one of the biggest bid’ah of this generation is refusing to praise The Prophet saws. In the words of the Quran: ‘Inna Allaha wa Malaikatahu yusalluuna ala an-Nabi, ya ayyuhal-ladheena aamanuu sallu alayhi wa sallimuu tasmleema’

    If Allah and His angels send blessings and praise on The Holy Prophet and ordered us to do the same, then organizing a gathering to do this is a good thing. Ofcourse without any haram/makruuh activities (mixing,music,CAKE : )

  13. AH says:

    He is like the sun, small to the eye when seen from afar,
    But when glimpsed close up. It dazzles and overwhelms

    He is the beloved whose intercession is hoped for
    As arms against a host of relentless calamities.

    If his miracles were in proportion to his rank, in greatness
    Then his name would have, when called out brought decaying bones back to life

    Every miracle which all the Nabi’s showed
    Verily they have been derived from his Nur

  14. Muslimah says:

    We should praise the prophet (saw) all the time. Why gather together for a yearly event to do so? This is what makes it resemble the kuffar’s birthday celebrations.

  15. bobo momo says:

    worst lecture on halaltube

  16. bobo momo says:

    AH’s comment is exactly what happens when you do stuff like mawlids. Exaggeration is the root cause of all innovations-Yasir Qadhi. What evidence is there that all the Nabi’s miracles are from the Prophet Muhammad(SAW)??? *sigh*

    • Allah knows best........... says:

      only the lover and the beloved should talk about love. those who don’t even know love ,should keep silence.and stay out of the issue.Allah knows best!
      the same for knowledge.

  17. mohamed says:

    BOBO if u do not agree with the mawlid u do not have to do it but the people who celebrat the mawlid have got there proof

    muslims should learn to agree to disagree

    May allah preserve shaykh abdul hakim murad for this lecture may allah open our hearts for the truth amin

  18. bobo momo says:

    Isnt it enough proof that its not mentioned in the Quran, Sunnah, and the Salaf never did it? what more proof is necessary? whatever not tryin to start a debate. everyones gonna do what they want anyways. salaam

  19. Syed Muhammad Nasim says:

    Let each Muslim/a decide for himself/herself whether he/she wishes to celeberate Maulid or not. This divisive argument must end as it is becoming time wasting and quite unproductive. We would be better off using this time in doing some zikr and in sending salawat to our beloved prophet (SAAW). Syed Muhammad Nasim

  20. rizbanu says:

    This naration gives to the point explanation – just so simply put without offending anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will share with like minded murids, especially youths that are being misled and inshallah one murid at a time will take to heart and clarify the esoteric/sufism and the humanity at large – Rasool-e-Pak’s cause. Thank you! Allah bless you!

  21. Mohammed Omer says:

    @ Mohamed(2nd comment): Brother you said all the great “mashaykha” of the past gave “mawlid” the ok (to be celebrated)…well first off, as I know it, a personality is given the title of a “shaykh”, as per our context, mainly due to the knowledge(ilm) which Allah(S.W) has bestowed upon our first sheikh in Islam is Muhammed(P.B.U.H)..did our beloved prophet give the ok?..whose next?..Abubakar(R.A), Umar, Uthman, Ali..did they give the ok which you are talking about? …so brother don’t speak or type anything you are not sure about.

    @Awais : I just want to remind all our brothers and sisters who have commented here and also those who have simply read the comments that we must always bear in mind that only knowledgeable and authorized people(muftis) can make a jurisprudence (fiqh) verdicts..I’m saying this cuz some some brothers have used the “If..then..” approach to give their own reason of approval. That is very wrong. Our reference is the Qur’an and the Sunnah. not some simple and fragile looks-like-logical approach. Secondly, when something(act) has been declared as a bid’ah by reliable u’lamas of the Sunnah, I really advice not to focus our attention in explaining that the act is not something prohibited in Islam, like brother said that its simply where we read the sirah and make some zikr, though in reality there is more. Its not about the act, its about the transgression which bid’ah followers make in authorizing things and legitimizing things which Allah Has not. All who are wrong and knowingly do wrong will be held accountable in the hereafter.

    Saying Mawlid is ok means that the whole Ummah must give full recognition to it as an official Islamic day. On a very important issue..Dunia lovers of the western culture say “it is a matter of life and death”…to us the issue of bid’ah is a matter of Heaven or…Hell(may Allah protect us from it)–from the famous hadith.

  22. By health I mean the power to live a full, adult, living, breathing life in close contact with… the earth and the wonders thereof – the sea – the sun. – Katherine Mansfield

  23. Sulaiman Galant says:

    Ya Nabi Salaam, how saddened am I that we must fight over superficial things like this night Moulood and most people in Cape Town, South Africa celebrate it but there is a louder voice of the minority that it is bidah for us the minority religion this is such a great night. Who gives anybody the right to call it bidah you must have tolerance with one especially with such insignificant infighting. We already celebrate two Eidul hajj days where some follow Makkah and us majority wait for the sighting of the moon and then celebrate Eid

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