The Role of Faith in Times of Turmoil

Abdal Hakim Murad

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  1. adolfo anaya says:

    this imam once mention in a speech about the new millenium that people would be too focused on the masonic conspiracy the rajeems and media play he mention are the exact play of theses groups if they exist in the completely organized form peolpe massively conspire and believe does but regardless of this what the core disease he mentions that is eating the muslim ummah is that of pride arrogance our prophet salalahu alyhi wa salam once said that more important than pray is uniting to combat ignorance and violence everything at core he speaks of is a trick of shaytan ar rajeem if we do not seek refuge in Allah ta ala we will all be in the place of questioning by Allah why did we not do everything in our power to bring peace we are the ummah with the most knowlegde the most money and we are the most accountable i ask Allahs forgiveness for you me and all the muslims and ture mumin ameeen Jazak Allah khayr shayhk you are an exempliary model of the muslim i Allah to preserve you and increase you in knowlegde and grant you jannah i know a shayhk who met you i hope one day aswell to meet you and serve the men of knowlegde aswell as all people for the sake of the good that is Allah ta Ala please make dua for me Jazak Allah Khayr you all my brothers and sisters may allah grant us refuge from the evils of ourselves and this world Ameen

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