How to Love: Relationships in Islam

AbdelRahman Murphy

6 Responses to “ AbdelRahman Murphy – How to Love: Relationships in Islam ”

  1. afraa says:

    I’m from Saudi Arabia … I wish to communicate some help but I’m not speaking good English

    • Saudaa says:

      Alsalaam Aleikom,
      Is it okay to communicate with non mahram? How can we lower our gaze when watching and listening to a lecture on tv or from a screen?

  2. Diana says:

    Wa Alaikum Assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

    Dear Saudaa, it is permissible to communicate with non mahrams. During the time of the prophet, sallalahu alaihi wa sallam, there were women that spoke with him, that fought in battle with him, that did business with him (let’s not forget that his first wife Khadijah, radiAllahu ‘anhu, was a business woman. Can you image having a business and only speaking with mahrams? She was also the one that proposed to the prophet, saw, because she knew his character. They had communicated before they were married)
    Also other women were involved in da’wah.
    A’isha, ra, also taught a great amount of men ( non mahram). We consider her our mother, and she is a great example of a woman. I hope these examples help!

    And dear Afraa, what is it that you need help with? Is it something that we can help with?

  3. Hussein says:

    Pls can non muslim lady married pure muslim person, does it’s proper.

  4. sajidkhan says:

    Nice presentation but his choice of stories seem to be governed by a dire need to conform to western notions of romance and more worrying is his twisting of the words in translation, which can lead people astray, (e.g. “labourer instead of slave”). What happens if a sister assumes, on the basis of this lecture, that she has the right to divorce her husband simply on the basis of her being fired from her labour job at Wallmart?

    I guess the standard is indeed Scholars ! Not charismatic actors!

    • Christina says:

      Asalaam alaykum sajidkhan, Brother Murphy’s audience is usually, as in this instance, teenagers in the United States. What are they interested in? What are they concerned about? The opposite sex, looking good, falling in love, being young, etc. You may feel that his lecture is ‘governed by a dire need to conform to western notions of romance,’ but the truth is that those are the issues that are confronting the group that he is addressing. So rather than being dogmatic and talking about things they have no interest in nor can they conceptualize because the topics are outside of their experiences, he is making the teachings of Qur’an and Islam accessible to them based on the context of their lives. Sometimes (many times) the scholars that you refer to can’t get to their level and connect with them. There is a big need for Islamic youth leaders who can connect so that our young brothers and sisters do not wind up eventually leaving the deen because they see Islam as an antiquated institution that has no practicality in their lives.

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