Mind the Gap: Improving Family Relations

AbdelRahman Murphy

3 Responses to “ AbdelRahman Murphy – Mind the Gap: Improving Family Relations ”

  1. Rasna says:

    Mashallah really good advice, really benefited a lot from this video and inshallah will implement these 4 steps towards my parents…At times we don’t realise what we are doing wrong,after listening to this video I have learened a lot and realised certain things I have to work on inshallah it’s not about how much we do for our parents sometimes when we say nice things to our parents and make them realise the importance of them in our life this really makes them happy…May Allah have his blessings upon you brother…

  2. Diyana Abdullah says:


  3. rahima says:

    thanx so much 4 the lecture. May Allah grant you and ur family jannah-tul-firdaws al-a’alaa and protect you from his punishments.

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