Renew Your Faith

AbdelRahman Murphy

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  2. Emaan says:

    Mashallah – this IS great news!It’s one thing to slip on a spiritual slope, but we don’t have to STAY down!

  3. MOM says:

    Masha-ALLAH, very true , ALHAMDULILAH, very nice , love you baby.


  4. MK says:

    Two thumbs up, excellent!

  5. zakariya says:


  6. Hassam says:

    What aa lecture,,,, I loved it MashAllah

  7. UmmYasseen says:

    Masha’Allah great video!

  8. Sage says:

    mashallah what a beautiful lecture, i don’t know if you answer questions here but are you planning on having and up coming lectures in NJ because i know you did one in Feb. but i recently found you on youtube and have learned so much alhamdiallah!

  9. ummamreen says:


  10. Imran says:

    I don’t understand this ummah..It was one of the best videos Quran Weekly ever produced, why on earth they decided to make it private? Freaking unbelievable,

  11. kedisever says:

    Why is this private 🙁

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