Family First

Abdul Nasir Jangda

3 Responses to “ Abdul Nasir Jangda – Family First ”

  1. shiza says:

    wow we all so need to hear this! it is so dificult to find the balance esp when ur made to feel guilty if u r trying!
    jazak Allah khair for putting things in perspective.

  2. farhad says:

    This is a wonderful video. Many unique points and there is so much wisdom. Every father should watch and contemplate. Mashallah. Thank you halaltube,

  3. icna says:

    many good points are raised in this lecture .thanks a lot for that.please tell us firstly about those who have no or very little nowledge of religion.what will they transfer to their kids?secondly it should be emphasised to get the real knowledge of islam befor marriage.

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