Istikharah: How To & Why?

Abdul Nasir Jangda

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  1. sarina says:

    Assalaamalaykum I done istikhara for my marriage propozal, I did get the confidence that it was the right choice and that it will inshallah work out,but then things went wrong, then it got ok it was on and off in situations like that how are we suppose to know if we are getting our feelings emotionally involved into this and thinking this is the right choice and we still want it to go ahead because we want it to work out? at times when things went wrong with my propozal for me it wasn’t valid reason to refuse the propozal and as I have a big familly their was to many opinions, it never came into my mind that it wasn’t good for me plus doing isthikhara a year back this propozal since then till now kept coming back regardless whatever problems there were.But now due to some problem my wedding has been cancelled. But this has happened after a year and half of wait, in other words what I want to no is does isthikhara work straight away does it give the outcome straight away? I only done isthikhara once when my family got this propozal now after a year it has been cancelled after doing isthikhara i did get the feeling it was going to be good even though their were some issues between both family’s but that happens in most typical asian weddings so for me i didn’t take that into consideration of a sighn of the outcome of my isthikhara prayer….Now that my wedding is cancelled i do still wonder why did it drag for so long when I did do isthikhara i did feel that it will defenetly work out inshallah even though there were problems it always got solved it became normal these problems that i though maybe Allah S.W.T is testing but it will inshallah work out

    • Dr Dan says:

      Assalam O alaikum
      I have also experienced such types of problems regarding istakhara. But there are many things that apparently look good but actually they are not good because Allah knows the best. Sometimes it happens like that a problem opens many good ways. But Allah also wants to test his people and their patience as well. I had same problem many times, but i firmly decided to be on the right path that Allah has mentioned in Quran and Hadith, that will certainly lead to success Inshallah, if not in this world but hereafter and that is most superior…

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