The Reality of Death

Abdul Rahman Chao

4 Responses to “ Abdul Rahman Chao – The Reality of Death ”

  1. Danish says:

    MashAllah! a very shaking wake-up call to start correcting our actions before death takes over our lives.

  2. Safinaz says:

    Mashallah, by far one of the most inspiring & compelling lectures out there. A very powerful reminder of our own mortality and death’s approach.


  3. zakkiyya says:

    MashaAllah very powerful lecture!
    I pray when my time come I will die as a true believer, a muslim. JazakAllah Khair Brothers of Halal tube for posting this true reminder.

  4. Rosli says:

    Allahu Akhbar, a good sermon for all to hear, practice and convey to others, insyaAllah.

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