Why We Worship

Abdul Rahman Chao


In this khutba Sh. Chao gives us the reasons we worship Allah [God Alone] as Muslims. Good for parents, people involved in Dawah, and for non-Muslims.

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12 Responses to “ Abdul Rahman Chao – Why We Worship ”

  1. Malika says:

    Great Lecture sheik- thank you! You have answered my why…Jazakallahu khairan.

  2. meili says:

    Me too! wow could i get you to speak sometime???

  3. meili says:

    Please come speak at our school! Our kids need a new boost of Islam!

  4. meili says:

    Wow Im volunteering at Iman Academy!!! Please come speak at our school sheik Chao!! you look like a cat!!!!!!!MEOOOOOOOW!!!!!

  5. meili says:

    abudlrahman you are very good i think my uncles cats dogs foots rabbits owner rawan goes to your school she said that she very pleased to have you as a teacher i am watching you……… hehe

  6. meili says:

    Now youre eatin noodles – yum is that chicken??

  7. meili says:

    Wow is that plane nice? What movie you watchin on the plane??

  8. meili says:

    Ha I watch u day & night who am I?

  9. meili says:

    I stalk u at school

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