Do you love the Prophet (s) more than yourself?

AbdulBary Yahya

3 Responses to “ AbdulBary Yahya – Do you love the Prophet (s) more than yourself? ”

  1. haris says:

    searching for well disciple women

  2. haris says:

    looking for religious women

  3. ak says:

    it is such a shame that so much time of this lecture is wasted on speaking about hollywood celebrities and other people. It started off so well, then deviated to something meaningless, I’m afraid. Almost 30 minutes into it, I realized I am wasting my time. I REALLY wanted to know more about loving the Prophet (pbuh) and though I got the point of the Sheikh in what he was trying to highlight about today’s “idols”, it was simply overkill. The time in these lectures are valuable and so important to give the hungry listener what the topic promises. SubhanAllah.

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