Suspicions About Islam

Abdur-Raheem Green

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21 Responses to “ Abdur-Raheem Green – Suspicions About Islam ”

  1. nazir ali says:

    Salaam…The below is what I e-mailed to the Austrilian website condeming Sheikh AR Green’s vist to Austrilia…

    Mr Green is not an extremist and his beliefs are truly based on Islam….

    There’s no such a thing as moderate-Muslim and extremist-Muslim but a practising Muslim and an Extremist whether be Muslim or not…

    watch Mr Green’s programme “Consumerism” i think that’s what is called or something relating to it and the programme called Islam and Democracy on you-tube and you’ll get general idea what he says what Islam says about such, and it 100 % coincides with Islam…Muslim is not he who wants to change his religion for people to be accepted in society instead in fact Islam is the only religion that brought great contribution to science and technology and architecture, read the history and you’ll come to know that Holy Qur’an coincides with the established science, check out Dr Zakir Naik’s programmes on You-Tube “Is the Quran God’s Word?” and “Quran and Modern Science” and Mohammed in various religions” and “similarity between Hinduism, Christianity and Islam” “terrorism is not a monopoly of any religion” all with references from his (Dr Naik’s) God gifted strong memory and programmes by Sheikh Yusof Estes called “No Brainer” and others you’ll get to know the truth about Islam and not from so-called Moderate-Muslims…. and you’ll receive a true picture of Islamic belief because a practising Muslim will always like to share his religious views with all people….including the Atheists…

    Please input the about persons names in You-Tube or input Peace Tv and you’ll have the above ready to go through and please try showing it on your tv channels as they’re not copy-righted for the purpose of Dawah/Preaching etc…

    Peace Tv is also a sky satellite channel

    Thank You for your time and consideration

  2. Issa Ibn Mohammed says:

    WOW Australia. FInally a Muslim who exposed the truth and you condemn him….May Allah condemn you and make your land fail in this life and their people burn in the hereafter…


    Issa 15 Norway

    • Joanne says:

      “Australia” is a country- not a person. We have 20million people in Australia, and unless ALL of those 20million people condemned Abdur-Raheem Green, its a bit harsh to lump Australians who like Abdur-Rahemm Green into the ‘condemning’ pile.

      To quote you : “May Allah condemn you and make your land fail in this life and their people burn in the hereafter…” Do you seriously think that is a decent Muslim thing to say?

      ‘Australia’ did nothing wrong. The vast majority of its population did nothing wrong- but you want innocent people to burn in the hereafter and our land to fail because some loud mouthed fools condemn Abdur-raheem Green?

      Im only a new revert, 100% Aussie and I love Addur-raheem Greens lectures. Im disgusted to see a Muslim make such a comment as you have. May Allah Forgive you.

      • Joanne,assalam o aleikum, I apologize on behalf of br. Issa from Denmark.I think he was a little bit emotional.He has no right to pass a judgement to all Australians putting in the same basket.Please accept my heart felt apology again.

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  7. Ben says:

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  10. Meshasa says:

    I would love to know if there is any validity in the program that is being promoted on “You Tube” now, by IQ al Rassooli. AKA/ AhmadsQuran5’s Channel.
    To hear tell it there,it frightens me to even consider researching Islam, for fear I am a fool.

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  14. aini says:

    not surprising for a country like Australia to be suspicious of islam especially of brother Abdur Raheem Green.. He can bring australians to convert to islam in hundreds and thousands with only one lecture lol.. That is what they are scared of.. Actually they have nothing to fear of brother Abdur Raheem Green. His lectures in the internet are sufficient for the seekers to read and see islam. He doesnt have to go to Australia lol..

  15. naz ali says:

    Despite Islam having so much misconceptions & yet more people from various backgrounds embrace it!
    This is because when people from various faiths & Atheists as well as prominent scientists read Qur’an or its logical answers to every question & doubts, there remain very minor hesitations in being honest with oneself that this is The Truth & makes sense…

    PS: At the time of “Dark Ages” Muslims were at the peak of science & literature as well as architecture and the Western writers till this day profess this fact, and for this we have all the proofs available should you wish to acquire.

  16. Turen says:

    I was suggested this web site through my cousin. I am not sure whether or not this put up is written via him as nobody else know such specified about my trouble. You are incredible! Thank you!

  17. naz ali says:

    Q: Can you (Muslims) ‘PROVE’ that Islam is the Truth’? Think about it>>
    A: Yes, without a shadow of a doubt! Please read on>>>

    Please watch the following videos>>> NOTE: They won’t bore you but rather enlighten you. (The Deen Show: “The Top 5 Arguments For The Existence of God) (proof Islam is the Truth ‘No Brainer’ by Yusuf Estes) (Qur’an & Modern Science (full) by Dr Zakir Naik) (Feminism ‘Ahmed Deedat Best Answer of the question’) (Death! ‘You will be Judged’ by khalid yasin) (Feminism ‘Dr Zakir Naik Atheist Guy Questions’ (Dr Zakir Naik ‘Misconceptions about Islam) (Festive gift ‘Birth of Jesus {peace be upon him’ From Qur’an Chapter 19 Surah Mariam or Chapter Mary) (Debate ‘Qur’an and the Bible in the light of Science Dr Zakir Naik VS Dr. William Campbell) (Vegitarian or meat eater? ‘Is non vegetarian food permitted or prohibited for a human being’ please watch ALL Full video debate between Indian Vegitarian Society President RashmiBhai Zaveri VS dr zaikir Naik’) (‘Concept of God in Hinduism and Islam in the light of Sacred scriptures’ another word similarities between Islam & Hinduism Debate between Dr Zakir Naik & Sri Sri Ravi Shanker) Plus similarities in Hinduism & Islam (full)
    Dr zakir Naik VS Pastorm Ruknuddin Henry PioWas Christ really crucified full (Purpose of Life (Dr. Zakir naik) (above video full version ‘No Brainer’)
    Atheism has brought about the total destruction who are the maker of guns, biological weapons, jet fighters, abortion, warships etc etc. Atheists’ claims the most lives and the destruction of the ozone layers….

    Women Wearing half clothes or as short as children’s dress or tight-fit & half sleeves is NOT modernism but is backwardness as these sort of things existed before Islam and it is Islam that brought world to light

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