The Proof that Islam is the Truth

Abdur-Raheem Green

3 Responses to “ Abdur-Raheem Green – The Proof that Islam is the Truth ”

  1. Mohammad says:

    Brother, Adur-Raheem Green, you use many words in this introduction to say what is needed to be said. A 23 minute and 21 second primer to your series is unnecessarily lengthy. You even take a break, I believe, around the 14 minute mark. Such times can cause those who see this video alone to not want to view the rest. You speak well, and would do well as a public speaker, but public speaking’s top rule is to know your audience, and with a weaker Ummah that we have nowadays (inshaallah our time is coming to become stronger in faith and conviction), such a long introduction alone would cause some to shun these lessons of great importance. Shorten your lectures, using descriptive language is for reading rather than lecturing unless of course you wish to drive a point, and repetition is to be used sparingly. By sparingly, I mean of course when you want to make something stick out in someone’s mind.

    Thank you for the consideration of reading this comment.

    • I just randomly came across your comment. It is very good and true what you said, but this series was done for tv and sadly sometimes one has to “fill in the gaps” in order to fit everything into the scheduled time slot. Sometimes one finds oneself waffling just to fill the space. You don’t want to start another topic because that will ruin the sequencing of the series. I think will hardly find any of my public lectures suffer from this.

  2. Ahmad says:

    This knowledge is great for dawa and increasing Iman

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