Boys & Girls: A Love Story

Abu Eesa Niamatullah

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9 Responses to “ Abu Eesa Niamatullah – Boys & Girls: A Love Story ”

  1. ibrahima says:

    very informative lecture. mashallah.may allah pay him jahna al firdaus,amen.thank you halaltube.may allah pay you also.

  2. Abdul Haseeb says:

    Where can i get the mp3 of this lecture?

  3. sultana says:

    jazakAllah khayr

  4. rehanna says:

    Amazing lecture by an amazing down to earth and funny speaker, may Allah reward him for this excellent reminder.

  5. Abakar says:

    Masha’llah a unique lecture, very engaging with the audience

  6. PG says:

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  7. muslim says:

    Mashallah a beautiful lecture, more vids and articles by shaykh abu eesa can be found on

  8. ShyLady says:


  9. May Allah subhana watala bless you my brother and this lecture really tell us the evil things happening in this generation. Us the youth with the concept of “you only live once” is a real problem and may Allah protect and safe guard against Setan. Ameen!

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