Advice to the Seekers

Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

Note: This lecture also features Hamza Yusuf.

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  1. Uzma says:

    May Allah swt bless & protect these amazing shayukh. Ameen

  2. lazy says:


    just joined halaltube. is there a way to download and save this audio file? i’d like to listen to it in the car.

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  4. Zed says:

    Please can someone tell me how to download this lecture to save on computer.

  5. D.GALAL says:

    Noah’s Ark Hadramout Yemen. سفينة نوح علية السلام MUST WATCH!!! دابة العنكبوت تكشف عن موقع سفينة نوح علية السلام من القران الكريم وهي حاليا موجودة في حضرموت.شبوة. اليمن ادخل

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