14 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – Allah & His Messenger in Our Lives ”

  1. Ameer says:

    MashaAllah… this is a great lecture!

  2. Tahsin says:

    I love the ocean of knowledge this man is. How he inspires me when I go astray every time.

    SubhanAllah, what a blessing for this world, bringing the light of the prophet to all.

  3. Abdigani says:

    a lecture for those who understand and implament it in their lives may Allah guide us all the way he guided Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

  4. […] Hamza Yusuf – Allah & His Messenger in our Lives […]

  5. MUSTAFA says:

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  6. Muhammed says:

    Masha Allah
    Excellent Lecture
    May Allah Bless Him
    And Guide All to His Paradise

  7. D.GALAL says:

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  8. sahil says:

    mashallah..almighty bless hamza yousuf and his beloved ones. when i come across..he helps me to remind myself of becoming good muslim.

  9. Adnan says:

    Salaam and Ramadan Kareem to all. When I click play, it displays “File Not Found”. Can you please please fix this at your earliest?
    JazakAllah Khairan.

  10. Bi al says:

    the video is not appalling for me is it because I’m using my iPad?

  11. Bi al says:

    the video is not appearing for me is it because I’m using my iPad?

  12. Abubakar says:

    May allah reward you with paradise

  13. Uzer says:

    no longer working…

    • Aruba says:

      Salaam! Alhumdulillah I found the lecture on Youtube, it’s a really great talk Masha’Allah and I hope that we can all benefit from it, Insha’Allah. Here’s the link:

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